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Service Matrix

Over the time of its operation, 7thConsulting developed specific services and aligned them with selected industries. Information about this alignment and description of particular services can be found below.

Food & BeverageStainless SteelEquineMusic
Market EntryYesNoYesYes
Exhibition SupervisionYesNoYesNo
Brand ManagementYesNoNoNo
Supplier SearchNoYesNoNo
Cost OptimizationNoYesNoNo
Business Tour OrganizationYesYesYesYes
Relationship ManagementYesYesYesYes

Market Entry

The service has been created for businesses willing to enter with their products or services to China.

It is composed of several components, sold separately or in bundle, for example: product assessment, entry strategy and Chinese business partner selection.

For smooth realization of this goal, it is recommended to cooperate with independent party that strives for optimal business solutions; having in mind best possible results in China and rejecting other subjective factors.
Aut viam inveniam aut faciam. Find the way or make it. Hannibal

Supplier Search

Selection of right business partner is an important, but often neglected, company growth factor.

It shall start with company self-assessment, in order to collect information about desired cooperation party and intended cooperation model.

Only after, it is possible to start search procedures, mainly company data verification, and direct audit.

Working with right business partner brings many benefits and allows fast development. On the other hand, cooperation with "wrongly-fitted" slows down company growth and causes long term damage.

Business Tour Organization

Business tour organization has coverage in all supported industries and combines: All of this accompanied with visits to interesting places in culturally rich country, like China.


For more information about the services, do not hesitate to contact 7thConsulting representative.

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