Over the time of its operation, 7thConsulting developed specific services and aligned them with selected industries. Information about this alignment and description of the services can be found below.

Market Entry Artistic Promotion Supply Chain Development
Food & Beverage Yes No No
Stainless Steel No No Yes
Music No Yes No
Equine Yes No No

Market Entry

The service is crafted for Food & Beverage, as well as Equine businesses willing to sale their products/horses to China.

It comprises i.e. market research, regulatory compliance and sales channels development.

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam. Find the way or make it. Hannibal

Can be sold in package or per component.

Companies from Food & Beverage sector might be interested in co-operation with artists, to promote their brands in China.

Artistic Promotion

Being an artist in China requires to comply with regulations imposed by the Chinese authorities and deal with other non-artistic duties.

7thConsulting assists with:

  • Chinese documents preparation,
  • social media profile management,
  • performing place booking,
  • regulatory compliance,
  • visa assistance,
  • tour management.

Company aspires to provide value added service for the artists playing concerts in China.

Supply Chain Development

China with its numerous companies can be attractive country for the purchasing of tailor made goods, especially stainless steel products.

However, to develop reliable supply chain it is required in-depth industry knowledge to select best fitted companies and it's not as easy as some may consider.

Standard project consists of three phases:

  1. On-line verification (registration information and other),
  2. Audit visit,
  3. Report preparation.

As a result, company receives adequate business information, allowing to make correct decision; in the long term saving time and money.