Catholic Business Consulting in China

In the Old Testament, the number seven represents God. 7thConsulting has been established out of a passion to do business and a desire to glorify God in it. It consists of two entities: 7thConsulting Sp. z o.o. (established in Poland in 2016) and 7thConsulting Co., Ltd. (established in China in 2020). The company is founded on three businesses: medical equipment, music, and stainless steel. The first two are the seeds for medical equipment and music companies; the third one supplements the two. All three are about to provide the stable rudiments necessary to withstand a volatile market situation. The objective of 7thConsulting is to serve foreign (to China) entrepreneurs with market entry and supply chain services in China, according to the principles of Catholic doctrine. Target markets are Poland, English-speaking countries, and Spanish-speaking countries.

Specialized Services

Auditing Stainless Steel Suppliers in China

What should you do to be sure your stainless steel supplier is not a trading company?

Purchasing Medical Equipment from China

Do you want to avoid paying money for medical equipment that can not be imported into the EU?

Selling Medical Devices in China

What should you consider before entering the Chinese market with your medical product?

Making Music Concerts in China

Do you know how to start your tour in China and why you should work with a Chinese company to make it happen?

Founder's Background

Chinese Business

How would you start selling your products in China?

Market Entry
Anyone should make enough preparation before starting to sell medical equipment in China. One of the first things to do is register a trademark for your product. Next, you may want to become familiar with the market environment. Afterward, you could register your medical device and start reaching out to distributors.
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Product Promotion. The side effect of a music concert?

Market Entry
Having the possibility of playing a concert in front of the Chinese public is definitely a great experience, not only for the artist but also for the representatives of foreign and local brands.
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Why should you think backwards when you want to buy in China?

Supply Chain
They are thinking backwards; I remember one Latin-American band singing in its song, but when you want to purchase medical equipment from China, this is exactly what you should do.
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A brief guide to check Chinese stainless steel supplier.

Supply chain
It might happen that you have been browsing the offerings of Chinese suppliers and have found one you really like. Yet, how do you find out if the company you are interested in is trustworthy?
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Projects' Overview

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