Export Medical Masks During COVID-19 Pandemics.

In 2020, COVID-19 pandemics hit the world. China, as one of the few countries, found out how to contain the spread of the coronavirus and maintain intact production. As a result, the whole world turned to Chinese suppliers for help. Many companies exploited the situation and sold "falsified masks" to foreign clients. 7thConsulting helped its customer find a reliable mask manufacturer and assisted with the purchasing process.


TENEX Sp. z o.o.


April 2020


China: Jiangsu, Sichuan, Zhejiang

Project type

Supply Chain

The first thing to do in a supplier search in China was to learn about existing customs requirements in the country of origin (China) and destination (Poland). Only then was it possible to contact Chinese suppliers and make sure they had all the necessary certificates.

At that time, many Chinese companies did not have valid certifications. One of the tasks of 7thConsulting was to make sure all the documents were correct, so the goods wouldn't be rejected by customs.

After listing potential companies, 7thConsulting visited suppliers to check the reality of the workshop. In some cases, companies were not able to prove their export history; in one particular situation, the visited location did not have production equipment to manufacture medical masks.

Finally, 7thConsulting found one company with all the documentation, good production facilities, an export history, and reasonable prices. The customer placed the order and exported masks to Poland.

7thConsulting also assisted in the search for other epidemic-related products: oxygen concentrators and isolation rooms. Oxygen concentrators were exported, but the supplier of isolation rooms did not register its product as medical equipment in China, so 7thConsulting recommended renouncing the deal.

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