Medical Equipment

Many Chinese patients and doctors have preferences for innovative and reliable medical products manufactured abroad.

Music Concerts

Foreign musicians have a well-established reputation in China, and their concerts are appreciated by many local fans and artists.

Stainless Steel

Polished stainless steel accessories from China are exported globally, but to find the right supplier, it's advisable to audit them.

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If you want to inquire about business in China, drop a note and wait for the consultant to respond.


Prior to entering the market with a new medical product, it is advisable to get familiar with the business environment and assess the viability of the project.


No matter if you want to sell your medical product or do live performances in China, complying with local regulations will be a vital part of your business.


The best way to connect your company with dstributors is by attending medical exhibitions. Yet, if you are a musician, the more suitable way would be to grab the phone and call the right business partner.


Yes, you can find the right stainless steel supplier in China by yourself, but it will take lots of time and money. If you value your business, hire a specialist.

Catholic Ethics and
Chinese Experience

The mission of 7thConsulting is to glorify God in business by serving Chinese and foreign businesses with trusted and valuable sales and supply solutions.
The company consists of two entities: one in Poland (established in 2016) and one in Shanghai, China (established in 2020).
7thConsulting caters to the needs of Chinese, English, Polish, and Spanish-speaking customers, ranging from SME to joint-stock enterprises.







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