Chopin Piano Concerts by Peter Tomasz Szczepanik.

Beginning in March 2023, right after the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemics, Polish artist Piotr (Peter) Tomasz Szczepanik opened his Chinese tour with a Shenzhen Opera Bay solo piano recital. The concert contained famous Chopin pieces, including Mazurkas', numerous Nocturnes, Waltzes, and Polonaise-Heroique. The concert has been a great success, with all tickets sold out.


Piotr (Peter) Tomasz Szczepanik


4 March 2023


China: Shenzhen

Project type

Music Concert

Preparations for the tour started in October 2022 with the creation of the artist's portfolio. Afterward, 7thConsulting contacted Chinese concert halls. Bay Opera of Shenzhen has been among the first theaters willing to host Peter's concert.

On behalf of Peter Tomasz, 7thConsulting signed a cooperation agreement with a concert hall in Shenzhen. Next, we have provided the necessary documents to apply for a performance license from the cultural office of Guangdong province. Simultaneously, we have prepared graphic, text, and video materials to promote our concert.

In addition to the concert, we have organized two piano workshop sessions for children and teenagers in Shenzhen, which also received a warm response. One of the last tasks before the concert was to book transportation and accommodation in Shenzhen.

The concert has been a great success, and tickets sold out before the show. Our invitation to hear Chopin's music alive has also been accepted by the guests from the Polish consulate in Guangzhou, including His Excellency Piotr Nowotniak (Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Guangzhou).

Information about the concert in Polish and Chinese has been reported on the Polish government website, which can be found at the top of this page (click chain icon).

The next stop of the tour was Tianjin Concert Hall, followed by the concerts at Pingyang Cultural and Art Center as well as Zunyi Grand Theatre.

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